Tenzin Gönpo,

Tibetan Musician, Singer and Dancer

 I was born in Tibet in 1955 in the Southern area Lhodak. 

At the age of 12, I entered the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in Dharamsala, INDIA.

The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts was founded in 1959 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to preserve and

develop the rich traditions of Tibetan Arts. The members of the Institute are masters of the genuine Tibetan

traditions of music, dance and theatre.

The Institute is also well-known for performances of Ache Lhamo; the Tibetan traditional Opera. This lyric and

epic show is a mixture of dance, music, mime and acrobatics.

For over twenty years I studied and taught a wide range of popular songs and traditional dances as well as tantric

and acrobatic dances.

Working inside the T.I.P.A. as a professional artist, I obtained in 1978 the status of artistic instructor and from then

on, I have been teaching all aspects of Tibetan Traditional Arts to students and professional artists of the Institute

as well as to western students in India. 

In 1982 I was appointed by the Council for Tibetan Education to teach new methods and provide fresh ideas for

songs and dances to the teachers of all Central Schools for Tibetans in India.

From 1985, I trained for three years, 20 selected students for the Diploma Course of the Ford Foundation Project.

I also participated in making musical instruments and creating costumes, musical arrangements and new


In 1990, I decided to move to France and continue a solo carrier in the West.


Artistic CV. 

2016 :                 Copenhagen Culture Night Festival

2015:                  Copenhagen Cultural Night Festival                                                                   

                           Musée Guimet in Paris

2014 :                 Musée Guimet in Paris

2013 :                 Realease Album : Tibetan Songs for Guiter

2009-2013 :        26 concerts and events in Denmark.



2010 :                  Music of Tibet, Cycle Resistors Cité de la Musique in Paris 

                            Tibet Yesterday and Today,  Musée Guimet in Paris 


2008 :                  4 Seasons, creation of the Company Forest Beats museum Fougita 

                            The 25th Hour of the Book, Parody 

                            La Fête de la Soie, 


2005-2007 :         Crossing the Tsangpo, Saint-Malo

                            Astonishing Travellers and Roma for Marathon des Mot- 

                            Festival de l'Imaginaire, Chartres 

                            European tour performances Memory and Tribute to Tibet 


2003-2005 :          Loungta, the wind horses, Equestrian Theater Zingaro Bartabas 


2002 :                   Crossing the Tsangpo" show created by André Velter Molière 


2001:                    Venice Biennale" presentation of traditional opera 


2000 :                   Spiritual Warriors / over Man Mountain, choreographed by

                             Carolyn Carlson 



1990-2000:         Moving to France to continue my solo career - Creation shows: 

                            In Memory of Tibet and Tribute 

                            adapted in French and other European languages

                         Recording several CDs - master-class training and relaxation 


1967 -1990 :       Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts.

                            Enters at the age of 12, becomes later principal performer,

                            and art director of TIPA.

DANCE:                            Dances monastic (Cham) 

                                           Traditional Dances (from different parts of Tibet) 

                                           Dances clocked (classical dance of Tibet) 

                                           Mime - Body Conditioning 


MUSIC:                            Traditional songs (from different parts of Tibet) 

                                           Songs classics (Nangma & Toeché) 

                                           Opera (Ache Lhamo) - Packaging voice 

                                           Contemporary Songs 


INSTRUMENTS:                   Dama : kettledrum

                                                Dranyène : lute   

                                                Doung-Chan : Tibetan long horn 

                                                Gu-mang : Dulcimer 

                                                Lingbou :  Flute

     Sunna: Oboe   

                                                Bhor-gna : singing bowl 

                                                Gna-Boub : drum and cybals.

                                                Piwang: Tibetan violon

                                                Classical Guitar 


Tenzin Gönpo

Tibetan Songs for guitar. Recorded & released Copenhagen 2013

Tenzin Gönpo / The Hours (ex Recall) 

In Memory of compiling Homage to Tibet and Tibet 

a duet with his master Norbu Tsering opera for a single recording made in Venice


Crossing the Tsangpo / Thelema Publishing 

musical creation sung with guitar poems for André Velter with the voice of Laurent Terzieff


Britain Tibet Toenn ar bed / Coop Breizh 

musical creation with singer and composer Yann Dour


Tenzin Gönpo / Recall Records USA 

compilation of some of In Memory of Tibet and Homage to Tibet


Tibet, Land of my Childhood / Music ArB 

round, rhymes and lullabies - songs for children and adults (booklet with phonetics)


Heritage of Tibet / Recall Publishing 

Prince Norsang, traditional opera troupe with the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts


Homage to Tibet / Recall Publishing 

music official national anthem duet with Yangdu-Tso


In Memory of Tibet / Recall Publishing 

from opera to classical and popular songs - solo (sold out) 



Horizons last album of composer Claude Samard / Vox Terrae Naïve 

Dakinis, the feminine wisdom Véronique Jannot documentary film / Film Best Seller 

Tengri, the blue sky film Marie Jaoul of Poncheville / CD Editions Milan Music 

Yeti, a film on Tibet Christoph Gerhard / Digitaltotal Workstations 

Tibet 2008 the music of Renaud Siry / Apple Music 

Jalisco album of guitarist Pierre Rescan / Scores Pierre Rescan 

What Remains of Us documentary film by François Prévost / NFB Canada Nomadik movie 

Samsara film Pan Nalin with the composer Cyril Morin / Virgin Music CD 

Thöpaga musical tale of Patrick Arnold / OM Productions 

The Voice of Peace for the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation / Auvidis distribution 

Free Tibet Solidarity Association for Tibet / Sony Music 

Marc Cerrone Human Nature / Barclay 

Card Sesame commercial original composition / Les Films de l'Audace 

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